The main theme of MCCT 2022 is "Blood coagulation and beyond".

Check the programme per day to see the time schedule. 

Theme 1: The “coagulome” as a critical driver of  cardiovascular disease

• Brain: The coagulome and central nervous system - Ciro De Luca
• Heart: The coagulome and the heart - Philip Wenzel
• Bone marrow: role of coagulation in cell trafficking? - Neta Nevo
Kidney: regulation of endothelial permeability and ischemia/reperfusion injuryAnton Jan van Zonneveld
Coagulation in atherosclerosis: Regulating macrophage traffickingOwen McCarty

Theme 2: Novel mechanisms of thrombosis 

• How important is factor XII? - Coen Maas
• Biomechanics of fibrin and fibrin clot lysis - Gijsje Koenderink
• The microbiome and thrombosis - Christoph Reinhard 
• Virusus and coagulation: the case of COVID-19 - Eric van Gorp  

Theme 3: How to limit bleeding risks: insights from translational studies

• Genetics and bleeding disorders - Kathleen Freson
• Genetics and antithrombotics: individual drug tailoring? - Jur ten Berg
Clinical rationale for antagonizing antithrombotic agents in bleeding patientsPeter Verhamme
• Novel reversal agentsJoost Meijers 

Theme 4: Hemostasis in extracorporeal systems: how to utilize ex vivo models?

• How to assess hemostasis ex vivo? - Paola van der Meijden 
• Microfluidic systems to study thrombosis and hemostasis - Wilbur Lam
• Extracorporeal circuits and hemostatic challenges - Roberto Lorusso
Generating novel vascularised organoids for disease modelling and drug development Abdullah Khan

Theme 5: Clinical dilemmas in thrombosis and antithrombotic management 

• Why we should not abandon thrombophilia testing in the management of the patient with venous thromboembolism - Paolo Simioni
• Managing atrial fibrillation in haemophilia - Roger Schutgens
• The elusive safe antiplatelet agent? - Steve Watson 
• Does FXIa inhibition fulfill a promise?Rupert Bauersachs
• How to prevent thrombosis in the next corona pandemic; lessons learned? - Jecko Thachil