Social Programme

The Welcome reception will take place at the Museum aan het Vrijthof on Wednesday 22 February 2017. 
The Museum aan het Vrijthof (previously: the Spanish Gouvernement) is a museum of art, works of art and history in Maastricht. The museum is partially located in the historic Spaans Gouvernement from the 15th/16th century at the Vrijthof Square. The Museum aan het Vrijthof is a privately owned museum.

Date: Wednesday 22 February 2017
Time: 19.30 - 20.30
Price: Free of charge but registration is required!

Address details:
Museum aan het Vrijthof
Vrijthof 18
6211 LD Maastricht 


The social event will be a diner in La Caverne.
The history of La Caverne goes back to early last century when the inhabitants of Geulhem feared the French who occupied the village, took refuge in an underground shelter-chapel of marl. Marl, a typical stone for the surroundings of Maastricht - Valkenburg - Margraten, is 120 million years old.

The first extraction of marl (area name for limestone) took place around the time of the Romans 2,000 years ago and people named: the block busters literally broke the limestone chunks out of the caves. This block busters even lived in small holes in the mountainside.

The first underground theater performances in what is now La Caverne, took place around 1925. Also in the course of time the walls were filled by different people with beautiful paintings.

Although the rooms are still called caves by popularly, quarry is a better description. The unique rooms are equipped with 8 kilometers of floor heating, 400 candles and hundreds of lights. The atmosphere is friendly, in short, the ideal setting for an event in style!

Date: Thursday 23 February 2017
Time: 19:30 - 00.00
Price: € 80,-

Address details:
La Caverne
Wolfsdriesweg 8a
6325 PM Valkenburg a/d Geul

Free transport
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