Programme 13 February

07.00-08.30 Registration participants Registration desk
08.30-10.00 Theme 1: how to handle (prevention of )coronary thrombosis
Moderators: Pieter Reitsma, Yvonne Henskens
  Arnoud van t Hof: how to deal with ACS?   
  Wolfgang Bergmeier: regulators of platelet adhesion and inflammation  
  Robert Storey:  new clinical antiplatelet agents  
  Steve Watson: new platelet mechanisms in thrombosis  
  John Morser: complement activated coagulation in vascular disease  


Coffee break

Exhibition area

10.30-11.30 Workshops  
  Arnoud van t Hof  
  Wolfgang Bergmeier  
  Robert Storey  
  Steve Watson  
  John Morser  
11.30-12.00 Short break Exhibition area 
12.00-13.00 Consensus discussion  



Exhibition area 
14.00-15.30 Theme 2: Peripheral artery disease: a thrombo-inflammatory disorder?
Moderators: Henri Spronk, Paola van der Meijden
  Christina Espinola Klein: what do the guidelines tell us on PAD?   
  TBC: modern management of PAD; unanswered questions   
  Jeff Weitz: how to tackle thrombo-inflammation?    
  Leon Schurgers:  vascular inflammation, calcification and fibrosis  
Oliver Soehnlein:  bonemarrow atherosclerosis interactions  


Coffee break

Exhibition area 
16.00-17.00 Workshops  
Christina Espinola Klein  
  Jeff Weitz  
  Leon Schurgers  
  Oliver Soehnlein  
17.00-17.30 Short Break Exhibition area 
17.30-18.30 Consensus discussion  
19.30-20.30 Welcome reception